Our Top Tips for Choosing your Wedding Cake!

Wedding Cakes truly are a centrepiece of any Wedding and with the ever changing world of cake design there really are options to suit every style!  This, however, can create a whole heap of confusion for those that are arranging a large scale celebration for the first time.  


Here are our top bits of advice for Bride & Grooms about to start the search for their all important cake!






Are you traditional and looking for that classic centrepiece? Do you want something a little less formal like a dessert bar? A Macaron Tower perhaps?  ... the list goes on!  This is the first thing to reflect on as this will dictate a lot of the decisions you make from here :)   Pinterest & Google are your best friends here






Think about your budget and try to be realistic, be open with your cake designer about your budget and they will guide you.  If you have a smaller budget there are things that you can do to help control the cost without compromising on the overall look of your cake, for example; replacing handmade sugar flowers with fresh may make a floral cascade option more affordable.  Quite simply put, the more hours your designer will have to spend decorating your cake... the more expensive it will be. 





The larger your cake or dessert table, the more portions you will have.  Consider your guest list, whether you wish to save any tiers and whether you wish to cater for 100% of your guests.  Once you have done that you will know where to start in terms of cake size.  However, if you have fallen in love with the look of a 4 tier creation but are having an intimate 40 guest wedding worst case scenario you will have a lot of leftover cake (not a problem for most!)

You can request that faux tiers are used, however, be advised that this wont make a massive impact on cost as those faux tiers still have to be decorated. 


Here is a fab little portion guide to help you :)





Firstly, find a designer whose style you like, most designers will have a signature style, if you find a designer that specialises heavily in very delicate, sugar flower laden Wedding Cakes but youre after a superhero inspired novelty cake... they might not be the right one for you.   Once you have found a designer that appeals to you I would suggest that you check out their social media channels as this will not only show you some of their most recent work but is normally a great place to see first hand what their customers say about them. 





Once you have identified your potential designer you will normally be invited to a taste and design session, cake designers always find it helpful if you can bring images of the types of cakes you like, in addition to this information on your theme, venue and even clothing choices will help them to design a cake that will completely compliment your day.  Once you have designed your cake and if you are happy to proceed your designer should issue you with terms of booking and a contract.





You will get very varied advice on this, but for the most part, established and succesful cake designers will normally require bookings to be made as follow to gaurentee your dates:


Peak Season Weddings (May - September, Bank Holidays, Christmas): 9-12 Months in advance

Low Season: 4-6 Months


This is only a guide, but as a designer I find the Key dates will often book up 12 months in advance.  :)





Choosing your cake should be a really enjoyable experience, for starters you get to eat cake and drink tea whilst you do it :)  If you do your research and invest in a trusted and reliable supplier whose style is just your thing you honestly cant go far wrong, trust them to guide you and once it is done you have ticked another job off your Wedding planning list, so sit back and relax... and maybe hope for some leftovers after the big day. 


B xx















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