Wednesday Wedding Tips: Where to start with picking the perfect Wedding Decor

April 5, 2017

I often meet clients that truly don't know where to start with choosing the right type of styling for their special day, there truly are so many options available to couples nowadays that it can all be a little overwhelming! So, I thought I would pull together some of the basic advice on where to start when considering which path to take with your Wedding Decor. 


A. The starting point for all decor and flowers is colour!  to choose the perfect palette for your event here are the first things you should consider:


1. Where.


Your venue for your ceremony and reception will have a massive part to play in what colour base you choose.  If you have chosen to celebrate in fairly neutral surroundings (white lined marquee, a venue with neutral walls and flooring etc) then you don't actually have too many restrictions!  However, if you have opted for a grand stately hall or an alternative venue with quirky and themed features then you must really consider what colours you can choose that will work with what it there.  For example, a venue with rich red carpets may not marry  well with colours such as yellow, vibrant pink, orange etc.  


TIP:  Pick out the main noticeable colours at your venue and then use colour charts to help marry up suitable options



Colour chart image: Pinterest



2. When?


The time of year can have a lot to do with colour inspiration, seasons have an impact on flower choice (and therefore colour) also they can help set an appropriate tone for the time of year.  Autumnal tones in the height of spring may look a little out of place. 



3. Think palette, not a fixed colour. 


We always find that by adding a mix of compatible colours to a theme not only gives a more considered look overall, but, allows you some flexibility with picking items beyond your decor: cakes, clothing, stationery.




B. Budget, the next thing to be very clear about whether engaging with a stylist or managing your own wedding decor.  Be realistic about what you wish to set aside for this area of your wedding and be open with anyone you would like to work with.  You can achieve amazing results on all budgets, however, if you wish to keep your spend at a lower end this will instantly rule out certain items (things like suspended fresh floral decor, breathtaking, but ££££)  

Be aware that at certain times of year decor can also be more expensive than others, for example if your wedding coincides with a seasonal peaks in the florist industry (valentines, Mothers Day) or events that requires companies to bring in staff during festive holidays.




C. Making it personal, don't forget, its your day.  If you have favourite colours, or are inspired by hobbies that you want to reflect in your decor then make it happen.  If this seasons trend, Pantone green isn't for you, then simply don't go for it.  Yes, most people want that wow factor and to keep with wedding trends, but making sure it reflects you and your taste is also equally important. 



Once you have considered all of the above your decor vision will start to come together really clearly and you can easily narrow down the finer details! Happy planning!


B x





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