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The Wedding & Events Lounge –

Venue & Event Styling Terms & Conditions


1.1   The ‘COMPANY’ means The Wedding & Events Lounge of 227 Coton Road, Nuneaton, CV11 5TU.

1.2   The ‘CLIENT’ means the person/persons responsible for appointing the COMPANY to co-ordinate the services outlined in the attached CONTRACT.

1.3   The ‘CONTRACT’ is a summary of the agreement between the COMPANY and the CLIENT.

1.4   The ‘M.A.B’ is the MINIMUM ALLOCATED BUDGET; the minimum budgetary spend allocated to the event agreed by both parties.

1.5   These TERMS AND CONDITIONS together with the attached CONTRACT shall constitute the Agreement/Contract between the COMPANY and the CLIENT and shall be governed by English law.

1.6   Within these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, reference to ‘STOCK’ shall include table cloths, slip cloths, table runners, chair covers, chair bows/tiebacks, table settings, table centrepieces, table accessories, equipment, props, furniture and any other items hired by the CLIENT from the COMPANY under this Contract.


2.    ORDERS:

2.1   The date(s), STOCK and services outlined in the attached CONTRACT are on tentative hold only until receipt of the following:

(i)     A signed copy of the CONTRACT
(ii)    A signed copy of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS
(iii)   £50 deposit of the M.A.B
(iv)   £50 returnable bond

2.2   We reserve the right to substitute your order if the STOCK requested is not readily available to us.  We will however, endeavour to seek your full approval beforehand where possible, and all substitutions will be made at equal or superior value, or the highest quality possible (as far as circumstances reasonably allow) within the price quoted.

2.3   The COMPANY undertakes to adhere to the M.A.B agreed with the CLIENT.  Where this is not possible, the COMPANY will advise the CLIENT as early as possible in order that alterations to the CONTRACT and the M.A.B may be subsequently agreed in writing and attached hereto.

2.4   The COMPANY reserves the right to artistic license in design.

2.5   The chair covers supplied by the COMPANY are designed to fit a standard, metal banqueting chair.  The CLIENT agrees to make the necessary enquiries to ensure that the venue will be supplying suitable chairs on the day of the event.  The COMPANY takes no responsibility for ill fitting covers, or for instances where the covers clearly cannot be used owing to the chairs being unsuitable.

2.6   The COMPANY does not permit STOCK, in particular chair covers, to be set-up or taken outdoors, without prior, written consent from the COMPANY.



3.1   Where bespoke STOCK is being ordered for an event (particularly in the case of table linen and chair tiebacks), the COMPANY advises that the maximum final number is considered when placing the order, to account for STOCK being discontinued between the time of order and the date of the event.

3.2   The COMPANY recommends that when hiring STOCK associated with table settings such as mirrored place settings and charger 3.2 The COMPANY recommends that when hiring STOCK associated with table settings such as mirrored place settings and charger.

3.3   The CLIENT accepts responsibility for liasing with the event venue regarding table sizes, and for advising the COMPANY accordingly.

3.4   Final numbers are required no later than 4 weeks prior to the event.



4.1   All STOCK remains the property and/or care of the COMPANY, and cannot be taken or sold.  This excludes consumable items such as flowers, candles and favours.





5.    PAYMENT:

5.1   A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required upon confirmation of the appointment of the COMPANY.

5.2   The CLIENT agrees to pay the balance of the M.A.B in accordance with the payment terms outlined in the attached CONTRACT.

5.3   If payments are not received in accordance with the attached CONTRACT, we reserve the right to withdraw acceptance of the order and all payments will be non-refundable.

5.4   Interest will be charged for late payments in accordance with Section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at the rate of 8% per annum. The COMPANY also reserves the right to charge a late payment fee of £15.00 if payments are consistently late.

5.5   The balance payment is due no later than 6 weeks prior to the date of the event.

5.6   No refunds or credits will be issued for STOCK that is returned unused.



6.1   Notice must be forwarded in writing to the COMPANY and the following cancellation charges shall apply:

120+ days prior to the event | 35% of M.A.B
119 – 35 days prior to the event | 50% of M.A.B
35 days or less prior to the event | 100% of M.A.B



7.1   The COMPANY shall not be liable for any non-fulfilment or engagement of the CONTRACT caused by suppliers, artists or proprietors, although every reasonable safeguard will be taken to prevent this and to mitigate the effects thereof.

 7.2   The COMPANY shall not be liable for any breach of the CONTRACT where such a breach is caused by or substantially contributed to, by any cause beyond the control of the COMPANY, including (without limitation) Acts of God, riot, civil commotions, Government or other enforceable regulations, embargoes, explosions, strikes, labour disputes, fire and exceptionally adverse weather.  The COMPANY shall use its best endeavours to prevent such a breach or mitigate the effects thereof.



8.1   The CLIENT will be responsible for the safety and safe custody of STOCK from the time the COMPANY concludes set-up for the event, until the time the COMPANY returns to the venue to collect the STOCK.

8.2   Where STOCK is returned damaged or stained in any way, we reserve the right to charge a replacement cost or a stain removal treatment charge.  The CLIENT will not incur a charge for normal fair wear and tear.

8.3   Where STOCK is lost, we reserve the right to charge a replacement cost to replace items as new.

8.4   For events taking place inside a temporary structure (e.g. marquee), the CLIENT must ensure that measures are in place to protect STOCK from damage in the event of extreme rainfall.  For example, wooden flooring offers greater protection against flooding as opposed to waterproof underlay and carpet.  STOCK will not be set up in temporary structures that have been affected, or are in danger of being affected by flooding or adverse weather unless such measures are in place.

8.5   A returnable bond of a minimum of £50.00 (amount will be determined in the contract in line with booking value)  will be banked with the final payment.  Providing all STOCK is returned/recovered accordingly, the bond will be refunded, in full, within 10 days of the event.  Missing and/or damaged STOCK will be deducted from the bond accordingly.  Should the replacement cost exceed the bond a further invoice will be issued and will be payable within 28 days from the date of the invoice.

8.6   The bond is not to be used as an adjustment of final numbers.


9.    ACCESS:

9.1   The CLIENT will be responsible for enquiring at the event venue in respect to access for delivery and collection.

9.2   The CLIENT accepts that increased labour charges may be incurred subsequent to the initial quotation and signing of CONTRACT, in instances where access is deemed as ‘limited’ or ‘difficult’ or where STOCK is required to be setup and broken down at/from a level higher than the Ground Floor.

9.3   The CLIENT accepts that an increased labour charge will be incurred at venues where STOCK is required to be setup and broken down at/from a level higher than Ground Floor where there is not a fully functioning and operational Goods Lift available for use.



10.1   The CLIENT is advised to take out adequate event insurance to insure against all risks, including cancellation of the event and damage to STOCK.



Thank you for your assistance and co-operation.  We look forward to working with you on your event and would be grateful if you would confirm your acceptance of the above TERMS AND CONDITIONS at point of booking